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Colette Magwood

Job Titles
ASPE Office
Human Capital

Colette Magwood is a Human Capital Leader and Manager with advance experience in the full scope of Human Resources (HR) and program development. Ms. Magwood provides oversight, technical strategic advisory, counseling, and recommendations on the full suite of HR disciplines to include, but not limited to, recruitment and hiring, outreach, pay administration and compensation, training and employee development, performance management and award recognition, incentives, employee and labor relations, and workforce planning for both general schedule (GS) and Senior Executive Service (SES) employees. She is adept at cultivating partnerships across stakeholder groups to develop opportunities for mutual success. She seeks an inclusive approach to deliver services and solutions to transform strategies. In her role, she collaborates with all business operation facets and functions within the Office of Planning and Policy Support (OPPS) and HHS corporate offices in support of the ASPE.

Prior to joining ASPE, Ms. Magwood served as Director of Policy and Planning, Office of Civil Service at the Department of State; Director of Ocean Client Services Operations Division, Executive Resources Program Manager; and played a lead role developing the Commerce Alternative Personnel System pay for performance pay banding system at the Department of Commerce. Additionally, she served as the Deputy Director, Human Resources at the National Transportation Safety Board, as well as other leadership positions in the HR profession.

Colette Magwood  Director, Human Capital