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Division of Public Health Services (PHS)

The Division of Public Health Services (PHS) is responsible for public health services programs and policies. PHS works with Departmental components, particularly those that fund the provision of direct care to vulnerable populations, including primary care, clinical preventive services, and related support services. These include the Health Resources and Services Administration, the Indian Health Service, the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health, and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Relevant topic areas include:

  • Delivery of preventive screenings and services, including women’s preventive services;
  • Issues related to the organization and delivery of health care services, with a particular focus on safety net providers and institutions;
  • Health workforce needs and shortages;
  • Health care disparities;
  • Adolescent, maternal, and child health;
  • The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program; and
  • Issues related to the health and health care of American Indians and Alaska Natives.


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ASPE Issue Brief

Evidence on Surprise Billing: Protecting Consumers with the No Surprises Act

November 22, 2021
On January 1, 2022, the surprise billing provisions of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 - commonly referred to as the No Surprises Act - go into effect. Surprise billing occurs when a privately insured individual receives an unexpected bill either in an emergency situation or when a service in an in-network facility is provided by an out-of-network provider.
ASPE Issue Brief

Air Ambulance Use and Surprise Billing

September 10, 2021
Air ambulances are used to transport patients in critical situations from the scene of an injury or accident to hospitals, or between hospitals.