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What Does it Look Like to Equitably Engage People with Lived Experience?

Publication Date
Grace Guerrero Ramirez, Lauren Amos, Diana McCallum, Kate Bradley, Nkemdiri Wheatley, Ryan Ruggiero, Tonyka McKinney, Scott Baumgartner, Roger De Leon, Helena Girouard, Janine McMahon, Wilnisha Sutton, Laura Erickson, and Amanda Benton

This tool contrasts components of ideal, equitable engagements with components of inequitable engagements, which health and human services staff can use to identify opportunities to strengthen efforts to engage people with lived experience.

*This content is in the process of Section 508 review. If you need immediate assistance accessing this content, please submit a request to Sofi Martinez, Content will be updated pending the outcome of the Section 508 review.

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