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Mitigating Direct Care Workforce Injuries in Homecare: A Summary of the Evidence

Publication Date
Sarah R. Brunskill and Andrea Wysocki

Due to the increasing demand for homecare workers and the high rate of occupational injuries among these workers, addressing homecare worker safety is critically important. High injury rates among homecare workers contribute to turnover and absenteeism, and lead to high costs of workers’ compensation insurance for employers. The COVID-19 pandemic has further underscored the essential role that homecare workers play in supporting clients at home, and the safety risks they encounter to perform their job. This study explores the evidence for using assistive technologies and home modifications for lifting, transferring, and repositioning to reduce homecare worker injuries.

This report was compiled and summarized by HHS/ASPE’s Office of Behavioral Health, Disability, and Aging Policy (BHDAP). Please also visit the ASPE Long-Term Services & Supports/Long-Term Care page for additional research in this area.

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