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Evaluation Policy


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Department of Health & Human Services Evaluation Policy

May 12, 2021
This is an evaluation policy for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), required by the Foundations for Evidence-based Policymaking Act of 2018 (Evidence Act). ASPE convened a group of agency representatives from across HHS operating and staff divisions to develop the policy.

Department of Health & Human Services FY 2022 Evaluation Plan

May 12, 2021
As part of the Evidence Act, HHS is required to submit “an evaluation plan describing activities the agency plans to conduct pursuant to [its evidence-building plan].” Nine operating divisions within HHS and one staff division developed evaluation plans and included information on priority questions being examined by the agencies as well as data, methods, and challenges to addressing those ques

Identifying Medicare Beneficiaries with Disabilities: Improving on Claims-Based Algorithms

December 31, 2013
In this report, we assessed the feasibility of using existing claims-based algorithms to identify community-dwelling Medicare beneficiaries with disability based solely on the conditions for which they are being treated and to improve the algorithms by combining them in predictive models. [39 PDF pages]
ASPE Issue Brief

Medicaid Contracts with Medicare Special Needs Plans Reflect Diverse State Approaches to Dually Eligible Beneficiaries

October 31, 2009
This paper is the third in a series on SNPs and their relationship to Medicaid. In the second paper of the series, we identified all states which had some kind of contractual relationship with SNPs prior to MIPPA, and classified those relationships into broad categories.

Medicaid Costs Under Consumer Direction for Florida Children with Developmental Disabilities

November 30, 2004
The randomized design of the evaluation of the national Cash and Counseling Demonstration enables researchers to rigorously analyze costs under traditional and consumer-directed approaches.