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Tribaly-Managed Health And Social Services Programs Evaluation Feasibility Study

ACTIONS TO DATE Last Updated: 2/11/03

  • 03/03/04 — Final Report
  • 11/30/03 — Draft final report
  • 05/20/03 — Evaluation Issues, Data Requirements, and Site Visit Protocol
  • 05/19/03 — Final Tribal Matrix Report
  • 05/19/03 — Matrix of Tribal Management of Federal Programs
  • 05/12/03 — Final Tribal Population Data Report
  • 04/27/03 — Invitation for Volunteer Site Participants
  • 03/14/03 — Revised Drafts of Background Materials
  • 02/05/03 — DHHS–Tribal Communication and Consultation Protocol
  • 02/03/03 — First Technical Work Group Meeting – Background Materials
  • 01/24/03 — Legislative History and Development of Tribal Self-Governance and Contracting Final Report
  • 12/11/02 — Letter to all Tribes describing study and requesting support
  • 11/08/02 — Brief Participants at the Fall Self–Governance Conference in San Diego
  • 09/30/02 — Initial Teleconference Meeting with Westat (Participants & Summary)
  • 09/15/02 — Award Task Order to Westat (DHHS–issued Statement of Work)
  • 07/11/02 — Preliminary Telephone Conference with Tribal Leaders Regarding Project

This Web site provides information on all aspects of a study initiated October, 2002. All contact information, substantive contract deliverables, and information regarding the progress of the project will be posted here. Thank you for your interest in this project.