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Early Childhood Systems Collective Impact Project: A Call for Coordinated Early Childhood Systems

Publication Date
Steve Cohen, Jill Spielfogel, Sonia Alves, Gretchen Kirby

The Early Childhood Systems Collective Impact Project (ECS Collective Impact Project) will help to re-envision a truly coordinated approach to program implementation designed to advance equitable early childhood and family well-being outcomes across federal programs that support expectant parents, children ages 0 to 8, and their families. This project will develop recommendations to improve – and tools to support – alignment, coordination, and equity across five key program elements: program eligibility, needs assessments, outcomes and performance measures, well-being goals and metrics, and equity goals and actions.

This brief presents key findings from a series of interviews that explored needs, challenges, and opportunities related to the five key program elements. Interviews were conducted with parent leaders, tribal officials, state officials at the system and program level, state officials representing system-building efforts, and federal staff.

Product Type
Research Brief
Children | Infants & Toddlers | Parents | Families with Children | Low-Income Populations