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Practice Guide: Strengthening Partnerships Between Fatherhood and Human Services Programs to Improve Father Engagement

Publication Date
Armando Yañez and Rebekah Selekman

This practice guide is a resource for a broad range of human services and fatherhood programs aiming to be more inclusive of and responsive to fathers. Building on literature from the field and interviews with human services providers that engage fathers in services, this guide outlines the benefits of developing community partnerships between father-focused and other human services programs. It also describes various strategies programs can use to develop partnerships that can increase father engagement in programming and improve outcomes for fathers and their families. Key strategies identified for developing and sustaining partnerships include:

  1. When identifying potential partner organizations, consider the organization’s characteristics, its reputation among fathers, and the extent to which a partnership will be mutually beneficial.
  2. Demonstrate commitment to the partnership by attending meetings and other events hosted by partners, thereby establishing a strong working relationship.
  3. Partner with fathers by involving them as much as possible in all aspects of program design.

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