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Linking People with Criminal Records to Employment in the Healthcare Sector: 5 Things to Consider

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This project explores how the need for workers in healthcare professions can be partially met by hiring individuals with criminal records who do not pose a risk to public safety. The report is organized around the following five things to consider for employing certain individuals with criminal records in the healthcare sector:

  1. Growth in the healthcare sector has created a demand for healthcare employees that some individuals with criminal records are qualified to fill safely.

  2. Improved methods for screening an applicant’s criminal record are being successfully used throughout the country.

  3. Emergency Medical Technicians, Certified Nursing Assistants, and Community Health Workers are growing healthcare occupations that have been successfully filled by individuals with criminal records.                                                               

  4. The federal government, states, and communities are engaging in efforts to eliminate unnecessary occupational licensing requirements and focus on requirements that are needed for health and safety.

  5. With appropriate screening, hiring individuals with criminal records can improve the healthcare workforce.

NICCC Healthcare Employment Extract


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