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Trends in Ownership Structures of U.S. Nursing Homes and the Relationship with Facility Traits and Quality of Care (2013-2022)

Publication Date
David Stevenson, Hannah Peterson, Robert Skinner, Estrella Ndrianasy, Robert Tyler Braun, Mark Unruh, Rahul Fernandez

Stakeholders, researchers, and policymakers have identified varying nursing home ownership structures and ownership transactions as potentially influencing the quality of care delivered to vulnerable residents. ASPE has conducted several research projects aimed at understanding the relationship between various aspects of nursing home ownership and quality of care to inform evidence-based policymaking. New research in 2023 was just completed examining more recent trends in nursing home ownership, particularly as it relates to private equity firms and real estate investment trust companies.

This research was compiled or funded by HHS/ASPE’s Office of Behavioral Health, Disability, and Aging Policy (BHDAP) and Office of Health Policy (HP). Additional research in this area is available at the ASPE Aging & Disability page and ASPE Long-Term Services & Supports/Long-Term Care page.

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