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2025 HHS Evaluation Plan

Publication Date
Maura R. Reilly, PhD, MPH, Kristen Hudgins, PhD, Susan Jenkins, PhD

The FY 2025 HHS Evaluation Plan details the Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) efforts to answer the priority questions presented in the current HHS Evidence Building Plan. This plan provides both an overview of HHS evaluation activities planned for FY 2025 and detailed information for each new and continuing evaluation effort. The FY 2025 Evaluation plan includes forty-nine (49) significant evaluations across ten (10) Op/Staff Divs. The evaluations include ten (10) new evaluations proposed to start in FY 2025, twenty-three (23) on-going evaluations described in the FY 2024 plan, and sixteen (16) additional ongoing evaluations not reported in a previous HHS evaluation plan.

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