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Community Care Hubs: A Promising Model for Health and Social Care Coordination

Publication Date
Joshua Breslau, Petra W. Rasmussen, Nabeel Qureshi, and Evan D. Peet of RAND Corporation

ASPE, in partnership with the Administration for Community Living, commissioned the RAND Corporation to better understand existing approaches to coordinating health and social care services through backbone organizations, with a focus on one particular model, community care hubs (Hubs). This project sought to gain insights into the various forms of backbone organizations that exist in the field, and to gain a deeper understanding of Hubs, including their structures, approaches to community input, partners, information technology infrastructure, and financing sources, as well as any policy changes identified by specific Hubs included in the report that would enhance their ability to operate successfully. As community-focused entities that support a network of community-based organizations in contracting with health care entities to provide services to address social needs that can affect health outcomes, Hubs can serve as the connective tissue within a community to ensure individuals’ social needs are met, which can also contribute to improved health outcomes.

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