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Emerging Practices for Supporting LGBTQI+ Young People Across Human Services Programs

Publication Date
Mathematica staff: Eli Michaels, Jill Spielfogel, Brittany Tabora, and Elizabeth Dziedzic
Expert consultants: Sol Dixon, Rayven Hoyte, Marina Jones, Cass Phanord, and Ethan Wesby
ASPE project officers: Kaitlyn Jones and Laura Chadwick

The Emerging Practices for Supporting LGBTQI+ Youth project highlights promising and emerging practices that human services agencies, programs, staff, and leaders are using to make human service delivery and prevention more welcoming and accessible for LGBTQI+ young people (ages 10-24) in child welfare and juvenile justice systems, as well as those experiencing homelessness, and those seeking sexual health services. The project included an environmental scan to identify programs and the types of services they were offering to LGBTQI+ young people and their families and key informant interviews with young adults (ages 18-24), parents and caregivers, human services program staff, and staff who oversee programs at a federal level. Additionally, the project and project deliverables were developed in collaboration with a steering committee of five LGBTQI+ young adults with lived experience navigating human services programs. Their participation was critical in ensuring that the practices outlined in the deliverables are aligned with the lived experiences of young people and are relevant to the field.

Project resources include:

Brief – Identifies methods, key terms, and project findings including barriers to positive youth development for LGBTQI+ young people and emerging practices human services programs are using to support LGBTQI+ young people and their families.

Infographic – This is a one-page version of the project brief that calls out five key emerging practices human services providers are using to support LGBTQI+ young people and their families. This is helpful as a quick reference tool. For more information and the full list of emerging practices see project brief.

Webinar Slides and Recording – The webinar recording and slides include an overview of the project and findings, a panel discussion among young people, human services providers, and a caregiver of LGBTQI+ young people, and an opportunity to hear from LGBTQI+ young people about the co-creation process for the project and project deliverables.

Emerging Practices LGBTQI+ Youth Webinar Recording

Emerging Practices LGBTQI+ Youth Webinar Recording Transcript

Product Type
ASPE Issue Brief | Webinar
LGBTQ | Transgender & Non-Binary People | Youth