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How Some States Use Title IV-E Foster Care Funding for Family-Based Facilities that Treat Substance Use Disorders

Publication Date
Rivka Weiser and Jill Spielfogel

The Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA) permits states to use title IV-E foster care funding for children placed in foster care with their parent in a licensed residential family-based treatment facility for substance abuse. However, few states currently use this funding, due to barriers such as competing priorities and lack of facilities. This brief describes the planning processes and experiences of three states that use or plan to use this funding, and one state that funds these costs using other means. This information may be useful to other states that have not yet fully considered the utility of this funding opportunity. Child welfare officials in these states noted that foster care placements in family-based facilities can have several benefits for families. For example, the intensive services, supports, and supervision in the facilities enables some children in foster care to be with their parents and might help to promote reunification.

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