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Ownership of Skilled Nursing Facilities: An Analysis of Newly-Released Federal Data

Publication Date
W. Pete Welch, Iara Oliveira, Martin Blanco, and Benjamin D. Sommers

To enhance transparency in health care markets, in September 2022, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) publicly released comprehensive data on the ownership of all U.S. skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) that are enrolled in Medicare. This report provides an overview of the available data, a methodology for calculating the ownership shares by individuals vs. organizations, and several preliminary analyses to showcase the data, including information on ownership patterns and market concentration. We find that individuals directly or indirectly own half of the ownership shares of SNFs, and organizations own the other half. The largest ten chains (representing less than 2% of all chains) own over 10% of all SNFs, while the remaining 597 chains own 55.6% of SNFs, and a third of SNFs (33.8%) are independent. Each of the top ten chains operates in at least half a dozen states.

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Product Type
ASPE Issue Brief