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Linking State Health Care Data to Inform Policymaking: Opportunities and Challenges

Publication Date
ASPE Staff, Katherine Grace Carman, Michael Dworsky, Sara E. Heins, Nabeel Qureshi, Daniel Schwam, Shoshana R. Shelton, Christopher M. Whaley

This posting includes a report prepared by the RAND Corporation, “State All Payer Claims Databases Understanding the Current Landscape and Challenges to Use,” which builds on a 2021 report “The History, Promise and Challenges of State All Payer Claims Databases.” The new report provides additional detail on the objectives of and use cases for APCDs, the current APCD landscape, and implementation challenges that constrain the use of APCDs for some valuable applications.

The RAND report is introduced by an ASPE summary, “Linking State Health Care Data to Inform Policymaking: Opportunities and Challenges,” which describes the Department’s interest in these databases and an initial step the Department is taking towards the objective of the President’s Fiscal Year 2023 budget request to build a national-level APCD.