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COVID-19 Antivirals Utilization: Geographic and Demographic Patterns of Treatment in 2022

Publication Date
Stephen J. Murphy, Lok Wong Samson, Benjamin D. Sommers

This report examines the utilization of oral antiviral medications, Paxlovid and Lagevrio, for the treatment of COVID-19. The analyses include an examination of time trends of COVID-19 antiviral use as well as breakdowns by age cohorts and gender. The report finds that utilization in the U.S. of both Paxlovid and Lagevrio rose sharply in the spring of 2022, rising more than tenfold for all age groups between March and July 2022. Utilization rates were higher among older adults and those in long-term care settings. Additionally, we find wide variation in COVID-19 antiviral medication use by state. Paxlovid utilization (but not Lagevrio) was statistically significantly higher in states with higher vaccination rates, while utilization of both medications increased in association with higher statewide COVID-19 case rates.

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ASPE Issue Brief