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Healthcare Reform


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ASPE Issue Brief

Health Coverage Under the Affordable Care Act: Enrollment Trends and State Estimates

June 4, 2021
This Issue Brief presents current estimates of enrollment in health insurance coverage obtained through the ACA Marketplaces and the Medicaid expansion and the subsequent reductions in state-level uninsured rates since the ACA was implemented in 2014. Related Products
ASPE Issue Brief

Housing and Delivery System Reform Collaborations: Issue Brief

February 13, 2019
This project examined current collaborations between housing providers and health care providers. Recent delivery system reforms have provided new or expanded opportunities at the state, local, and organizational level to forge collaborations between health care and housing providers.

Analyzing the Public Benefit Attributable to Interoperable Health Information Exchange

March 12, 2018
This project developed methods and measures that can be used to quantify the public benefits that result from Interoperable Health Information Exchange (IEHI). In the first phase of this project, a literature review was conducted and discussions were held with subject matter experts to identify areas where evidence suggests that the greatest benefits resulting from IEHI might be found.

Affordable Care Act Has Led to Historic, Widespread Increase in Health Insurance Coverage

September 28, 2016
Historic gains in health insurance coverage have been achieved since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). In this brief, we use new and previously published estimates from the National Health Interview Survey to examine gains in health insurance coverage for non-elderly adults from 2010 to 2015.