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OS-PCORTF Strategic Plan for 2020-2029

Office of Secretary - Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Vision 2029: Better Data, Stronger Evidence, Informed Decisions


Building upon our foundation of our Mission is our 4 Guiding Principles- Person-Centeredness, Collaboration, Innovation, and Impact.

HHS’s Strategic Plan for the OS-PCORTF (2020–2029) charts a course to advance data capacity for patient-centered outcomes research over the next decade. To achieve the vision of better data to generate stronger evidence and foster informed decisions, HHS has prioritized four goals that reflect high-priority opportunities to address critical data challenges for patient-centered outcomes research. The four goals, along with their corresponding outcomes, set forth what HHS expects to accomplish over the next decade through the OS-PCORTF portfolio of data projects. The Strategic Plan provides both high-level vision and action-guiding directives for HHS’s efforts to ensure the availability and suitability of data and analytic resources for addressing important PCOR questions.

The Strategic Framework captures the core elements in the architecture of the Strategic Plan. The foundational elements—mission, guiding principles, and communities—inform the aspirational elements—goals, outcomes, objectives, and vision—and the work that must be accomplished over the next decade to achieve them.

Stakeholder Engagement

The Strategic Plan was developed through a comprehensive review of literature; interviews with agency leaders, program officials, and data stewards; a series of public meetings; and close collaboration with a committee of HHS agency representatives.

Findings and reports from these efforts include: