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Continuity of Care Services Following Coordinated Specialty Care: An Environmental Scan

Publication Date
Tamara Daley, Melanie Chansky, and Abram Rosenblatt

This report provides an overview of transition services for clients graduating from Coordinated Specialty Care (CSC). CSC Programs have been successfully implemented across the US, including through support from the Community Mental Health Services Block Grant set aside funds for people with early psychosis. CSC services are designed to be implemented within 2 years of onset of psychosis to provide optimal care at the early stages of the illness and most provide services for limited period of time (around 2 years). This project seeks to review the current landscape through an environmental scan and case studies of 9 sites to understand the scope, structure, implementation and policy challenges and opportunities in providing continuing care to people experiencing early psychosis after graduating from a CSC program. Under a contract from ASPE, Westat produced an environmental scan which documents trends and gaps in processes for continued care, introduces a typology of transition services in CSC programs, and reviews current federal programs relevant to transition services as well as state policies that affect continued care after discharge. The present environmental scan is the first in a series of products that will be published from this project.

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